Liesl Bartjes

Aerial, Yin, Restorative


Trained in Hatha, Yin, Aerial, Restorative, Kids & Yoga Therapy, Liesl has worked the majority of her life as a fitness industry professional. Recent years has seen her work in aged care as a diversional therapist and also as a school nurse.

Over the years Liesl has travelled to many corners of the world: owning a bar in Spain, working for Richard Branson’s company in the United Kingdom, setting up her own personal training studio, claiming tropical paradise land holdings in Indonesia and baking up a storm in her peninsula kitchen.

A hippy at heart, she lives with a 4am Buddhist, is the mother of 5 polar opposite children and has her own dictionary of creative words that no one else can comprehend.

Everything happens for a reason and in Liesl’s life it’s usually because she can’t sit still but she hopes to teach you how to find the yin in your yang.=

YIN  A practise that is floor based with postures held between 3-5min in a mediative state, combining mudras, breath work, mantras & self enquiry, bringing the mind, body & emotions back into balance.

YIN / YANG A flow combined with yin postures held in-between. A great morning practise to give you energy & balance.

AERIAL An energetic flow class in a hammock where we hang in inversions. FUN, FUN, FUN!

AERIAL - RESTORATIVE & YIN Hammocks are low to the ground, where half the body is in the hammock, a restorative flow to create space & balance with yin postures held thru out the class.

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Peta Ross

Gentle Flow

Peta pic.jpg

Peta is a lucky mum to 2 beautiful kids and married to her best friend. Life has not always been so blissful, but by following her intuition she sees the world through brighter and happier eyes. The beach is her happy place and she loves collecting shells and rocks and creating unique jewellry.  Along her journey she has learned that creating positive change in the world begins within. She is intuitive in nature and a warrior of life, and is truly grateful for these gifts that have built her up up to be where she is today. Her sense of calm, compassion and creativity and just some of the things she will be sharing through  gentle yoga practices inviting others to feel grounding, healing happiness and love. Yoga is one of the beautiful healing modalities she has in her tool box to share. she loves the way music speaks to the soul and can take you to another world, so uses music in her practices.

Gentle yoga can vary between a flow with some yinyasa, or a class that is seated with some longer holds. It also involves working the the breath, gently moving the body between poses, in a comfortable and relaxed environment. When your mind is quiet, it enables your body to resolve patterns of tension, bringing a sense of balance, peace and harmony. Great for beginners of anyone who wants to slow down and come back into their bodies and out of their minds. Namaste.

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Nicola Poole

Yin, Kids, Aerial Instructor

Nicola from Wholistic Alignment is passionate about aligning the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a perfect medium for this, as it is a practice that not only helps with physicality but also is just as great for our minds. Mindfulness plays such a vital role in optimising our mental health, alleviating stress and allowing more you time. Nicola loves to see the contemplation and transformation of her students as she takes them on a deep inner journey whilst holding them in a safe and nourishing space.


Qualified in Yin and Kids Yoga, Nicola is excited to be taking the Beginners Aerial Yoga here at Soul Collective Yoga. The experience in the hammock is quite unlike any other. A feeling of floating and flying whilst still getting a good core workout and stretch, makes Aerial yoga such a unique and fun style.

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